Spinoza…talks of the body in terms of its capacity for affecting or being affected. These are not two different capacities – they always go together. When you affect something, you are at the same time opening yourself up to being affected in turn, and in a slightly different way than you might have been the moment before.

Brian Massumi

This page is an archive holding a few sound and print activities completed over the past five years. Final pieces are most often released as limited edition sound and book publications. A few of the sound pieces are unprocessed audio sketches, and others are conceptual compositions arranged to lead the listener away from the original sites where the recordings took place. I have included both solo and collaborative works.

My interest in sound and listening started early: childhood chronic ear infections; falling asleep with a small hand-held radio cased in fake green leather; and listening to Songs of the Humpback Whale by Roger Payne and Frank Watlington, published as a flexible plastic record by National Geographic. Some of my warmest memories of my parents involved listening to music. 

I have recently started to attempt the trumpet. 

      speculative photographic scores and photographic translations of sound

      these photographs are intended to act as visual scores and may also represent visual translations of sound and musical works.

      Writing about sound and image

      'Fossils of care' is a small feature on Holly Drewett.

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      'Portals for the Future' is a small feature on John Powell-Jones.

      Cherniwchan, C. (2022). Portals for the Future. Printmaking Today, 31(123)

      'Cement Prints' is a small feature on Craig Tattersall's project around brutalist architecture.

      Cherniwchan, C. (2021). Cement Prints. #Journal not on list, 30(117)

      'Printed Waves' is a piece about Sonnenzimmer, ben owen/winds measure, Karen Donnellen, Audra Wolowiec, and Damon Locks/Black Monument Ensemble

      Cherniwchan, C. (2020). Printed Waves. Printmaking Today, 29(116)

      'Wavescapes' is a small feature about the artist Catherine Greenwood and her collaboration with musician Matt Gooderson.

      Cherniwchan, C. (2020). Wavescapes. Printmaking Today, 29(116)

      'Silence on Loan' is a small feature about Sebastiane Hegarty's Silence on Loan.

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