mishappenings, 2018-19
This project is about how we perceive failure. Everyday small failings reflect ‘mishappenings’: of communication and dialogue, of what happens between humans, and of what happens between humans and their natures, including machines. I can identify and empathise with these mishappenings. The project seeks to document a few of my interactions with the so-called ‘flawed’ as a way of preserving intimate, shared experiences, and of trying to understand the feeling of the ununderstandable.

I have been awarded the 2019 Agassi Book Arts Prize for my installation mishappenings, this book was bound and shown in a presentation box made for the degree show.

Piotr Jarosz (I Make Books) bound the book and made the presentation box.

The presentation box contains a vinyl record, you can listen to it here.

Book: mishappenings