Following on from ‘grass folded and pressed’, 'Non Mountain’ is a collaboration with Angus Carlyle, Craig Tattersall and myself which initially began as a response to source material created by Angus for two films with Chiara Caterina, ‘Il Vertice’ (2013) and ‘Into The Outside’ (2015), part of his larger project ‘In The Shadows of Silent Mountains’. The soundtracks have been reworked and responded for ‘Non Mountain’. The below excerpt from Mount Analogue, was a starting point for this project:

For a mountain to play the role of Mount Analogue, I concluded, its summit must be inaccessible but its base accessible to human beings as nature has made them. It must be unique and it must exist geographically. The door to the invisible must be visible. (Daumal 1952/2019: 43)

Through Daumal’s writing and quoting on previous work that Angus created, a mapping started to unfold, built around layers of interpretation, iteration and visual/sonic construction.

Collaborative responses with text, photographs, sound, and objects form an 84 page perfect bound book with a gloss laminated cover and uncoated paper stock with a selection of inserts. Together with the book is a 10" vinyl album ( 2 x 14min sides ). These form a limited edition of 50, individually numbered by hand, and shipped/housed in a screen printed mailer.

It has been released by Umbrella-Publishing and there are a few copies available on Bandcamp and Boomkat.

Daumal, R. (2019). Mount Analogue (R. Shattuck, Trans.). Exact Exchange. (Original work published 1952).


'Non Mountain' and 'grass folded and pressed' have been merged together for an exhibition titled ‘Grass Folded’ around a ‘Non Mountain’ at Bower Ashton Library, UWE, Bristol, on display from the 6th December 2023 – 30th January 2024.


Boomkat Review:

Craig Tattersall's umbrella publishing return with engrossing transformations of Angus Carlyle’s film soundtracks by the field recordist-artist and previous collaborators, Chrystal Cherniwchan & Craig Tattersall (Cotton Goods, The Boats, Hood, The Humble Bee), available in two editions - a 10" vinyl in custom packaging, or a limited edition version that includes an 84 page book with inserts, perfect bound with gloss laminated cover and uncoated paper stock.

Using source material including original sound and field recordings made during spring in the Southern Italian mountains of the Picentini national park, the trio produced a two-part concrète and electro-acoustic collage entitled ‘Non Mountain’. The collaborative work impressionistically expounds upon and transforms the work with a captivating, sound sensitive nuance where source sounds are isolated, magnified and rearranged to form a dreamlike suite of barometric flux and changing sceneries underfoot and overhead.

The A-side stealthily lures you along a coarse-textured scree up to vertiginous, quietly breathtaking ambient pads where we intercept the scrambled texts of the original piece and inclement weather, before the B-side follows the course of gravity and water down into more forested zones and sublime glades flush with diffused, GAS-like string loop harmonics, industrial clanks and distant voices with an exquisite timbral frisson.