I make photographs. And more recently books.

The photographs I make have explored different ideas, but there is a single continuous thread that can be found throughout my work, and that is about different levels of revealing and concealing. I think of this as visual modulation. Some photographs are non-representational, and others contain recognisable things or places that are more about the subject than the process.

I am also interested in the idea of ‘conceptual screenprinting’ about incorporating printmaking into my work without actually printmaking. I have recently started adding digital elements such as a halftone pattern and transparent blocks of colour on top of my photographs to reference some of these ideas.

When thinking of a new project, I usually go to a sound memory. These could be sounds from a film or experienced in nature, but if they play over and over in my mind then I need to make it into something. Like a sound diary.

The process of creating a book is fun. A playground between the front and back covers. It is a quasi-gallery instillation, but squeezed into a book. I can easily dip in and out of revealing and concealing, experiment with the ‘conceptual screenprinting’ idea, and can add responsive text that plays with the images or just let the images act without words. I don’t mind if you judge them by their covers.

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